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Have   a   look   through   our   Office   clean   procedure

Clean doors inside and out
Organise magazines
Vacuum and organise chairs
Dust and clean coffee tables
Wipe down reception desk
Wipe down filing cabinets
Wipe down phones
Dust computer / keyboards
Vacuum Floors
Wash baseboards
Dust pictures
Empty rubbish

Dust and wipe down desks
Dust and wipe down tables
Dust and wipe down chairs
Dust computer / keyboards
Dust cabinets and bookcases
Wipe down phones
Dust pictures
Clean glass
Vacuum or mop floors
Empty rubbish
Arrange boardroom chairs

Kitchen room
Wash dishes
Clean sinks
Wipe down bench tops
Clean appliances
Wipe out microwave
Clean out fridges
Wipe down sills
Wash walls
Wipe down
Vacuum / mop / sweep floor
Empty rubbish
Clean and disinfect rubbish can
Wash baseboard
Clean outlets
Wash sinks
Wash vanity tops
Clean mirror
Clean toilets
Clean doors
Clean taps
Clean tiles
Wash baseboards
Mop /sweep floors
Empty rubbish


Miscellaneous Services include,

Change water in vases Water plants, Clean windows , Clean sills, Vacuum blinds, Dust pictures, Remove cobwebs, Dust light fixtures, Sweep porch